Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Street Width Documents

In order to recommend paint treatment and signs, we made a list of major streets in South Burlington that are used by bicycles and their status.

The street width documents may be found in the RecPath folder.

Hinesburg Road.
- Recently rebuilt and repainted with 11' lanes and 4' striped bike lanes
Williston Road Route 2.
- Major reconstruction awaits the regional corridor study.
Kennedy Drive.
- Rebuilt and laned in 2007 - 2008
Dorset Street
- North of National Golf has adjacent rec path; nothing recommended
Swift Street
- Consider sharrows between Farrell Park and Spear Street
- Spear to Dorset is narrow and has adjacent rec path
- Dave & Lou will gather width data
Allen Road
- Dave & Lou will gather width data
Kimball Avenue
- Suggest sharrows where the bike lanes disappear where there is a center left turn lane

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