Friday, October 30, 2009

Hadley Road Now Two-Way

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Bruce Hoar's Department of Public Works has been modifying this intersection so that northbound bicycles can ride easily onto the short path on the east side of the one-way southbound vehicle lane. These riders are very early adopters. October 30, 2009.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twitter Tracking

Use the tag @BikeReportVT to tweet your reports. The reports will show up in the gadget to the right.

Here is an interactive map that we can use to locate and track the reports.

View #BikeReportVT in a larger map

Bike & Path Report

Todd Taylor and I have been talking about creating a Bike Report which will allow commuters to report conditions on their routes to work. These can be paths or streets. One challenge is to provide timely reports so that later commuters can avoid or adjust for the conditions reported.

The project is modeled on one in Madison, Wisconsin. The local radio station started a report as a sort of joke/poke: "Motor vehicle traffic is tied up, but the bike routes are freely flowing," every morning.

The report overlaps with general reports of bad conditions that need to be addressed by the authorities.

Existing hazards.

In Burlington the wooden bike bridge just north of Blanchard Beach has a chronic hazard when it is wet. There are relatively sharp turns on both ends, so when bike riders enter or set up to exit, they can slip. Several crashes have been reported. The city has put up more warning signs and intend to address the underlying problem.

Lou Bresee suggests modifying the design specs for such bridges to include limits on the deviation upon entry and exit.

Burlington ECHO Center. Construction in the circle in front of the boathouse and near the railroad crossing.

Burlington bike path, just north of the rise south of North Beach. Glass on the path was swept up to some extent. 10/27/09.

Colchester on raised path just south of the entrance to the Winooski Delta Park. Beavers felled a tree that landed on the railing of the raised path and created a 'clotheslining' hazard. Reported to Colchester through Local Motion; trees removed. October 16, 2009.